May 25, 2017 – Just a Few Good Memories and a Piece of Literature for Contemplation

Good memories:

  • Making butter in kindergarten
  • Human demolition derby on the playground ice sheets with every guy in fourth grade
  • Learning mumbly peg
  • Getting my first dog
  • Making my can of Jolly Good soda completely empty because I shook it so long during our field trip to the Field Museum
  • Going to the Cubs-Reds double header in 1975
  • Acing Honors geometry class (all of it)
  • Pubs in Oxford with my mates

and the Piece of Literature (by W.H. Auden)

The Ogre does what ogres can,

Deeds quite impossible for Man,

But one prize is beyond his reach,

The Ogre canot master Speech:

About a subjugated plain,

Among its desperate and slain,

The Ogre stalks with hands on hips,

While drivel gushes from his lips.

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