May 22, 2017 – Random Monday Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts that hit me while I was in the shower.

Why do we only give our children (for the most part) three names?  Why not just two – or why not four, or five?  If you Google your name you will find literally dozens of people with your exact name, unless you have an eclectic name like Moon Unit or Zelda.  But even then, I’d be willing to bet there are others with that name.

Why do we have eyebrows?  I understand why we have eyelashes – that keeps things (including bugs) from getting into our eyes – but why eyebrows?  I used to think eyebrows had the same purpose as eyelashes, until I read they actually help us with identifying each other.

Why don’t we have perfect memory? Would it be great if we could recall everything that has ever happened to us?  There is enough brain space to easily hold it all according to science. I am reading a book, Gut Feelings, in which they described a person with perfect memory – and it turns out its more of a curse than a blessing. The person could remember everything good that’s happened to him, but also everything bad – in excruciating detail. It seems that forgetting is actually one of our psychological defenses to help us cope with the negatives in our lives.

Why don’t we build homes with stone in the United States like they do in Europe? Most of the blogs I’ve read think it’s the relative cost and speed of building a “stick” home and the availability of lumber. Building with concrete or brick takes time and doesn’t provide for any major modifications at a later date. I have lived in both and actually prefer masonry homes – the just feel more solid.

Enough random Monday thoughts – enjoy the week and hope that everyone has a great Memorial day weekend planned.

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  1. Bob Hale says:

    Just another thought – Why do we get thoughts when we are in the shower or about the time we are about to drop off to sleep? Maybe because those are the times we aren’t trying to direct our mind? Curious. 🙂

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