March 3, 2017 – Focus on the Positive

Going with the low brain power input today for this post. I just got home from a six-day, three country trip to Europe and of course I spent the eight-hour flight watching four movies due to my inability to sleep on planes. I know, I know—first world problems so stop your whining. I actually used that same phrase not less than four times during my visits this week. It amazes me that we still have people who’s first response when asked how life in country X is suiting them and their family is to enumerate all the things that they don’t like. I’ve written before that no matter which country I visit, I always feel like kissing the ground when I land back in America because we live in the best country of the world. But that isn’t an excuse to let one’s focus be on the negatives while being paid very good money to experience other cultures and countries for a living. Let me now list the things that I should have heard about:

  • London’s Leicester Square and the ability to see just about any musical or play on any day for $30
  • English bacon: If you think American bacon should be in everything, you should try this stuff.
  • London’s black cabs and public transport: Best in the world!
  • The ability to get ANY ethnic food in it’s natural state within a couple tube stops in London
  • Belgian chocolate
  • Belgian beer
  • The aesthetic beauty of any plate of Belgian food
  • Belgian waffles
  • European trains
  • Walkplatzes
  • Jagerschnitzel
  • Brochen
  • Schlosses every five miles on the Autobahn
  • Walks along the Rhein
  • Doner kebabs
  • Butter (Belgian and German)
  • German fruit spreads
  • 600 year old buildings that you can eat in, drink in, worship in, etc
  • European cars on the Autobahn
  • Airfares between countries that are less than half of airfares between states
  • Christmas markets and carnival festivals

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