January 26, 2018, Natura naturans

i picked this topic to cover two different issues: environmental impacts of global warming and decisions I’ve been wrestling with on faith. The philosophy of Natura naturans was put forth in the Middle Ages by Baruch Spinoza as a contrast to those who said that nature had to be cared for because it was created. Spinoza believed that everything is connected and nature cares for itself. That’s an argument some opponents of global warming make-that no matter what, the planet will survive even is the human race doesn’t. They cite the dinosaurs as an historical example.

Those who study energy like Einstein also thought everything is connected. If you think about energy it doesn’t disappear, it just transforms into something else. Photosynthesis is a great example of energy transforming from the sun, through many “spheres” into a plant and then becoming oxygen perpetuating life that in turn is also transformed. Photosynthesis is nearly 100% efficient. Better than any human designed machine. Each day over 16,000 tons of plant is created on the earth—isn’t that amazing. It has to be created from something.

This cycle of creation is both astounding and perplexing. I think I need a little more time to think about this. Your thoughts are invited.

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