2018 Week Two – The Year of the Friend

Like my coauthor, I had really good intentions of writing a few entries this week but failed even one until today. I hope the approach I’ll be taking compensates for my sloth.

As we’ve stated before, the intent of this blog is to leave some trace of who we are for future generations. Much of who we are is shaped by those with whom we choose to spend our free time—our friends and family. Each of us have written about family throughout this blog so I’m going to dedicate some text this year to specific friends. First, let me be clear. My two coauthors are two of my best friends—the kind of friends who I’d do anything for and I know they’d do anything for me. But I won’t wrote about them here—yet (gotta scare me a little).

Today’s subject is Nick. Nick is a former Marine who carries the code of the Marines I his daily walk. He works like nobody I’ve ever seen when he’s given a task and he always finishes what he starts. He’s the epitome of the phrase “man of his word.” Nick is a hugely successful person but he shuns attention and credit always deferring to others when describing his accomplishments. He carries a heavy burden because his definition of service is layers of the atmosphere higher than most.  He gives far more than he gets and he’s perfectly fine with that. No matter what is happening in his life, Nick always has a positive outlook spouting his catch phrase “I’m living the dream.” Whether sarcastically said or sincerely, he does believe he’s living the dream. Being friends with Nick has made me a better man. He challenges me without even knowing he’s doing it and I’m grateful for that.

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