December 29/30/31 – Happy New Year

So, as you may have noticed we have had difficulty posting over the past couple of weeks.  Part of this is schedule-induced, some memory-induced and some technology-induced, but the most accurate reason is that we have been so involved in the holidays that this blog ended up a little neglected.

We decided to change things up for next year.  Each of us will take a week and write as often or infrequently as we feel led. Part of the reasoning was to help us to keep our writing schedule straight and part was because we may have days where nothing really strikes us and then a few days where we have three or four things, so this gives us a little more flexibility. 

As we come to the end of 2017, I have had some time amidst the activity to reflect on the past year and to meditate on it a little. This year has seen lots of change in all three of our families, some good, some bad, and some in the middle.  Through all of it though, the three of us have grown closer and I think there are some key reasons that may be beneficial for all of us. 

First, we have been deliberate about staying in touch and spending time together.  It is a simple truth, but powerful, the more time you spend with quality people, the deeper and stronger the relationships grow.  Second, we shared in each others’ victories and struggles. When you find relationships where each partner feels safe enough to be trusted and open, you have found a truly valuable treasure.  Safeguard it.

Third, like siblings, we keep each other grounded in reality. When times have been tough, we have stood shoulder to shoulder encouraging and helping and speaking truth about the reality of the situation rather than the perception.  When times have been good, we have celebrated but also kept each other grounded in the truth that success is fleeting and is a result of and not a testament to the qualities and efforts that define who we are as individuals.  Remember, you are not the sum of your successes and failures, you are much. Ore valuable than that.

Finally, we just enjoy being around each other.  You become like the five people you hang out with the most…choose wisely.  Pick character and quality over flash and cash. As I heard it put once, you may buy the sizzle, but you eat the steak. 

I hope you all have a happy New year and that 2018 brings you all health, joy and peace. 

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