December 21, 2017 – Observations from the Road

Day two of our road trip and I’ve made some general observations.

When you get outside of the Washington D.C. metro area you notice that more people smoke.

There are as many body shapes as there are fruit.

For the most part, the best drivers, and most courteous, are truckers.

The higher the price of gas, the worse the roads are. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Hotels that charge less than $100 per night have crappy beds. You pay for what you get.

Southern hospitality is a thing.

The farther south you go – the bigger the portions, and the people.

The cheaper the gas, the dirtier the restroom.

Much like flying – people now drive in their PJs.  What happens if your car breaks down?

Love the sunsets in Texas.

Drivers in Arkansas watch too much NASCAR based on their driving habits.

Wishing all the readers a very Merry Christmas, may God keep and bless you.

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