December 20, 2017 – Road Trip!

Hitting the road for the holidays is mostly stressful, hectic, and fun. I enjoy driving and seeing parts of our great country that I haven’t seen. You get to meet nice people from all walks of life and get a glimpse of what life is like for people living in other parts of the country.  I try to make the journey as much a part of the vacation as the actual vacation, whether it’s stopping at a roadside attraction (largest ball of twine) or just finding local cafes eating something new.

I also remember how much my parents did not like being forced into always traveling to see their parents.  As a reminder, kids actually listen when their parents are talking are complaining.  Just saying. So I try to make it fair when it comes to holiday travel when I can. Traveling also means that Santa has to find you on the road, especially when you have small children. A challenge, but one that can be overcome with some ingenuity and early arrangements with USPS.

Finally, its that wonderful feeling you get when you haven’t seen a loved one for some time. That can be reason enough to travel – it is for me. Its best to leave from those trips when you have rehashed all the old stories, shared new ones, and are still a bit reluctant to leave. That’s the perfect blend.  More from road travels on day two.

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