December 6, 2017 A Place to Gather

Tonight, I met some good friends at a unique little local spot. It was great to be able to spend some time with friends and catch up after a few weeks apart. Unfortunately, we chose this specific spot because it is closing soon and we wanted to go there once more before the era ends. Heroic Ale Works is a unique little spot in a terrible location. I assume that is why they are closing since they are so far off the beaten path. However, the place was crowded tonight for their Geek Trivia Night. While it was really awkward to be in a brewery with over 60 people drinking well brewed beer and playing trivia in nearly dead silence as the teams focused on getting the answers correct, the patrons all looked very comfortable in this gathering place where they shared common interests in a warm environment that seemed like a home away from home.

It’s important to have gathering places where we can go be ourselves, enjoy things that make us happen and soak up the warmth of community. We are social creatures and need to be in community with others…not alone. Nobody should be–or feel–alone in a world full of social creatures. Nobody should be–or feel–alone in their own home either. Our homes should be places to gather. If we don’t invite others into our homes, we turn it into a fortress keeping people out when it should be a nest into which others want to flock.

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