December 2, 2017 – Another Day – Another Airplane

It seems the authors of this blog spend a lot of time in airports, and we do. You see the most interesting people in airports, and not always in a good way. Like the creepy guy across the lounge who looks like the bald, trench-coated Gestapo henchman in the movie, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. He even has the hat and coat! Then there are the Chinese tourists in the lounge eating everything…and I mean everything.  They are now standing at the door with empty plates waiting for more cookies. I think the staff are scared.

This trip had some fun moments. German Christmas markets, gluhwien, and bratwurst. It was also very productive work wise. Despite that, the best part of this trip is that this airplane is bringing me home!  No matter how great or productive the trip was, or how cool the city visited is, the best part is always coming home. So that’s my Christmas advent moment for today. December 2nd will mean sleeping in my own bed and spending time with my family. You can buy a lot with money – but you can’t buy a loving family.

I think I’ll move to another part of the lounge before the evil henchman decides that if he looks the part…


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