December 29/30/31 – Happy New Year

So, as you may have noticed we have had difficulty posting over the past couple of weeks.  Part of this is schedule-induced, some memory-induced and some technology-induced, but the most accurate reason is that we have been so involved in the holidays that this blog ended up a little neglected. …continue reading

December 27, 2017 – Holiday Hiatus

Merry Christmas to our readers.  We three authors (not to be confused with three wise men) have been on a holiday hiatus, whether it was celebrating with grandchildren, sightseeing in London, or driving to and from Texas, we have been busy. I believe I can speak for all us when …continue reading

December 26, 2017 Boxing Day

Speaking of traditions, the British have a nice one that I think is worth mentioning. The day after Christmas is called Boxing Day and it is a national holiday just like Christmas. The tradition started as a day for people to “box up” their decorations and out their homes back …continue reading

December 25, 2017 – Traditions

Merry Christmas to all our readers. Last month I wrote that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. One of the main reasons is that there is no stress over gift giving. Christmas has come to be almost inextricably ties to the act of gift giving which, at least for me, has …continue reading

December 20, 2017 – Road Trip!

Hitting the road for the holidays is mostly stressful, hectic, and fun. I enjoy driving and seeing parts of our great country that I haven’t seen. You get to meet nice people from all walks of life and get a glimpse of what life is like for people living in …continue reading