November 30, 2017 Did I Get My Money’s Worth?

Much earlier this year, I wrote about the value of time and how my concept of that value influences my decision making process. My coauthors have a similar philosophy and have alluded or directly written on the subject as well. Today’s post takes that concept a little farther.

Ive been extremely fortunate to have spent the last two nights with one of my coauthors in a different country where we used to spend time together a very long time ago. While you can never “go home me again,” we did relive some old memories and made some new ones. The time was well spent because it was with someone who matters and that makes my concept of the value of time even more precious.

My time only impacts me and what else I would be doing with that time. It has a certain value to me individually. My time with someone else who is important to me matters more. The value of time with, or time lost from being with, a family member or friend whom I love increases that value exponentially.

It cost a few bucks to spend some time together with my coauthor, but the value of that time pales in comparison. We don’t have enough conversations about cost versus value. Im confident having them would change some decisions.

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