November 29,2017 It’s a Sign

it snowed in the day of Henry V’s coronation, April 9, 1413. Some people took the fluffy, pure precipitation as a sign that change was in the air and better days lay ahead under the new king. Others took it as a bad omen which bodes ill for the country. Henry himself saw it as coincident to a transformation within his attitude that confirmed the sanctities of his position to carry out God’s work.

I enjoy listening to or reading about different perspectives of the same thing (person, event, action, etc). I enjoy it because it confirms the diversity of thought and biases we all have inherent in our mindsets and that makes our lives richer. It challenges me to question my first reaction and investigate my bias.

This is difficult but it makes for great conversations. It makes me more empathetic and allows me to accept things I can’t influence. In 1413, nobody knew how things would turn out for Henry or England. They just knew how things looked from their vantage point and the snow objectively confirmed it. Time would tell who saw it correctly, who saw it incorrectly and who saw it as both.

Of course, hindsight can also play many ways, but that is a post for a different day.

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