November 27, 2017 – The Star

I generally like to post something to make you think, but today, I want to recommend a movie to you for this holiday season.  The movie The Star is an animated film that tells the story of Jesus’ birth through a collection of animals.  It is a very cute and very well done movie with several great choices for the voices.  For example, Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead is the voice of the lead character, Zachary Levi from Chuck is Joseph, Oprah Winfrey, Key from Key and Peele, and several others also voice key characters.  The main thing for me, though, is that the movie stayed true to the biblical story of Christ’s birth.

It surprised me a little.  There was a Christian group involved in the production, but the primary groups behind the film were traditional Hollywood production studios.  Frankly, I expected it to be more like the Noah and Moses movies of recent years that took pretty wide liberties with the source material and ended up as secular movies with a thinly-veiled Christian overtone.  Now, I don’t have a problem with secular movies, just secular movies hiding behind a Christian facade.  The Star was a delightfully refreshing change.

I am enough of a cynic to doubt that Hollywood is starting to change its morals, despite all of the revelations of immorality and decadence currently being aired and condemned.  I believe a large part of the change is driven by simple economics.  America, by and large, wants good, moral stories.  The Bible contains the greatest story ever told.  Good triumphs over Evil.  Light defeats darkness.  Mankind is saved through the sacrifice of the Son of God Himself.  All great stories are merely shadows of this, and we naturally desire this and revel in it.  We rejoice whenever good defeats evil.  It is in our DNA.  Hopefully, it is now in Hollywood’s…

If you do nothing else this holiday season, go see The Star.  It is the perfect way to celebrate the season and you will enjoy it.

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