November 26, 2017 – Life Happens

I’m sitting in an airport lounge waiting on a flight to Europe.  I was lamenting this trip earlier (crazy, right?) I really wasn’t ready to fly and I’m frankly out of travel practice. Having spent the last 3 years in school and taking care of work at HQ,  I have settled into a routine and wasn’t as thrilled as I should be about going to Europe for a week.  Then I snapped out of it.

I remember when I lived overseas and I would ask the staff in D.C. why they didn’t travel more. I know the answer now – life happens. When you are overseas your actively living your life, planning vacations to unique and incredible spots.  They aren’t as unique and incredible when they are just an hour away, but that is only because, well -life happens. Now that I’ve had some time in D.C. after living overseas I can see both points of view and it really boils down to…yep – life happens. I was so caught up in my routine her I forget how fun it is to step out of the door into a new travel adventure.

We get so caught up in what we are doing at the time, where we are and our routines we forget to take a step back and look at what’s happening. So after giving myself the proper dressing down for dreading a trip to Europe (how dumb can I be), I’m back in the groove. The lesson today is whenever you find yourself being upset about something that will seem crazy in a week or even a day later. Remember that life happens and its important to live your life and not be casual observer.

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