November 25, 2017 – Let the Holiday Season Begin

Well, Thanksgiving is over we are officially into the holiday season. Its funny the time dilation effect as we get older.  When I was younger it took forever for the holiday season and school holidays to arrive. I judged time by the holiday specials on TV, which at the time you only saw once a year. So if you missed the Peanuts Halloween or Thanksgiving special – you missed it for the year.  The TV guide (that dates me) was as important a tool as any for scheduling my time.

Now that I’m older it seems that time is moving at Star Trekesque speeds. The time from Labor day to now was a blink of an eye. And Christmas is less than 30 days away. When I was young – this was an eternity, now its mere seconds. If I could wish for one thing for our children it would be for time to be always as slow as it was when they still shopped in the toy section of catalogs and Christmas took forever. Cherish this time.

Let the last minute shopping begin!

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