November 18, 2017 – Birthday Gifts

Today is my wife’s birthday (Happy Birthday!). Birthdays are gifts. I know others have said birthdays are gifts because we were given the life we have and many people associate birthdays with giving gifts. But I think all of us start our lives born as gifts. I firmly believe most people are positive, loving joyful people who make others better just by being around. In the case of today’s birthday girl, she has had that impact on me, our daughters, many friends and family members, coworkers and even complete strangers. She is always looking for opportunities to help others. Because of her presence in all these lives, over decades for most of us, we have become who we are in great part because of her influence. Birthdays give each of us to each other. Happy Birthday bunches!

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  1. Thank you Bunches! I am honored you chose to write about me on my birthday. I am grateful for the gift of you, my husband!

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