November 17, 2017 – Common Sense to the Rescue

I was arrested today…okay, I was detained by the Border Police while trying to travel from a Paris to London. Tehcnically, I was arrested. Turns out I didn’t take the right passport with me so I wasn’t supposed to be allowed back into England. Based on some incomplete advice I received, I wasn’t equipped for the journey.

Luckoly for me, the U.K. Border Police are a common sense organization. After less than ten minutes, an officer asked for my story and then said he understood what happened so I could continue traveling.

I’m very confident that wouldn’t have been the outcome in many places includIng our own country. There are processes and policies that must be followed. This is even more stringent under the travel restrictions since TSA stood up. There’s a good reason for those processes and policies. They keep us safe. There’s also room for common sense, but in my experience most people defer to the stringent written guidelines with no room for interpretation.

I’m grateful for common sense and the British proclivity for not making mountains out of molehills. Not sure I wanted to spend more quality time in Paris.

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