November 13, 2018 – Find Your Center

The other day I had a very nice conversation with an extremely extroverted Pakistani driver on the way home from the airport. He was excited to share his philosophy, primarily substantiated by his Islamic faith, about how to live a good life. Fundamental to his argument was his tenet that people need to understand, acknowledge and face facts. Too often, in his opinion, people rationalize, avoid or cover up facts because they don’t allow them to live life the way they want to live it.

One of his facts that he believes people rationalize is that there are only 24 hours in each day. Many people spread themselves thin trying to accomplish more than 24 hours worth of goals in the physical limit of one rotation of the earth. There are books and courses about how to try to do this, but they all fail to acknowledge the fact.

My drivers sage advice was to accept the limit of time and find your center. Find the thing (relationship, career, mission) that drives you more than anything else and make that your center. Here’s another fact; there can only be one center. That one is tough to deal with but it’s a fact. Have you ever seen a circle with more than one center? Finding our center doesn’t mean ignoring everything else, but it helps us focus and come back to the one thing we hold above everything else. This is difficult because it means putting everything else in second place…at best. But that’s another fact, there’s only one first place, top priority, most important….  Spreading our attention to thin doesn’t work. Not for us or for others. I know. I’ve done it. Time to find my center.

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