November 5, 2017 – I Miss You

One of my coauthors asked me if today’s post would have an English theme since I recently moved to London for a new job. My answer was “sort of.” This the title of this post.

In just over a week I’ve put in over 80 miles walking around the city and it’s attractions. There is so much to do and see that one could spend every waking moment walking the city and not see it all in the time my family and I have here. Additionally, my new job is going to keep me hopping both in London and on the European continent.

I want everyone reading this ( and just as importantly many who don’t read this ) to know that despite the wonderful opportunity I’ve been given and my strongest efforts to take advantage of it, I miss you.

I miss talking to you. I miss spending time with you. I miss having the opportunity to get together with little or no notice.

If I’ve spent any quality time with you, I miss you. But I won’t sit and mope about missing you. That’s not productive for anyone. It’ll give us more to talk about when I’m able to get my “you” fix next time. Maybe that will be in London; maybe it will be back home. Either way, I want you to know I miss you. It’s a phrase not said often enough and it’s worth taking this post to say it.

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