November 29,2017 It’s a Sign

it snowed in the day of Henry V’s coronation, April 9, 1413. Some people took the fluffy, pure precipitation as a sign that change was in the air and better days lay ahead under the new king. Others took it as a bad omen which bodes ill for the country. …continue reading

November 27, 2017 – The Star

I generally like to post something to make you think, but today, I want to recommend a movie to you for this holiday season.  The movie The Star is an animated film that tells the story of Jesus’ birth through a collection of animals.  It is a very cute and …continue reading

November 26, 2017 – Life Happens

I’m sitting in an airport lounge waiting on a flight to Europe.  I was lamenting this trip earlier (crazy, right?) I really wasn’t ready to fly and I’m frankly out of travel practice. Having spent the last 3 years in school and taking care of work at HQ,  I have …continue reading

November 24, 2017 Black Friday Philosophy

So we go from my favorite holiday to the dreaded day after activity I detest the most. I’ve never understood the infatuation with going out in the wee hours–and they’re getting even wee-er in the past few years–to save a couple bucks. (Read previous posts from each of the authors …continue reading

November 23, 2017 Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. We always spend it with our family and friends who we consider family. There are no gifts and no pressure to do anything other than provide the things each family enjoys based on their own traditions. Isnt it ironic that the word Thanks …continue reading