October 31, 2017 Lets Pretend

My coworkers and I were fortunate to see two Halloween celebrations this year. Last Friday, all the parents who work in our building were allowed to bring their kids around to the offices for trick or treating. I’m not sure who got into it more, the office workers who decorated so well or the kids with their amazingly accurate costumes. Either way, I enjoyed it immensely mostly because of how much fun everyone had pretending to be something or someone else for a day.

Tonight I got to see it all on a much grander scale as I walked through our city and saw the homes and gangs of kids walking from door to door for their treats. Again, it was fun to see so many people pretending. Many of the parents also dressed up just to hand out candy.

Two points about tonight: 1) We all need to pretend every once in awhile. Whether it’s wearing a costume on certain occasions, dressing up for a big party, going to a movie or just day dreaming, we need to let our imaginations have some fun. It’s boring being serious all the time. 2) I know some people refuse to take part in Halloween activities because of the stories about how the holiday began. Irsonically, similar stories abound regarding some aspects of traditions around more “sacred” holidays but those traditions are still kept. Like everything else in life, make sure you get the rest of the story before judging.

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