October 7, 2017 – The Great Pumpkin

i know probably made some Peanuts fans excited by the title, but this isn’t about Linus’ annual month of frustration. It’s simply a nod to the vegetable that dominates this time of year (or is it a fruit?). However, I am getting a little frustrated myself with the typical American economic approach of oversaturating any market niche that has shown a smidgen of success. Thanks to Starbucks we now have PSL seasoning for anything. Regardless, I love pumpkin in the right things and limit my pumpkin consumption to autumn and early winter. Here are some of my favorites:

pumpkin ice cream (had this today)

pumpkin roll

pumpkin ale (had this today as well, Jacques O Lantern by Evolution Brewing. I do like Schalfley’s better and the Old Bust Head version is worth the trip)

And that’s the list. Short but fulfilling when consumed in the appropriate season. Like so many other things.

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