October 6, 2017 The Trust Equation

Today’s topic should be of interest to anyone who reads or writes this blog. The three authors set out back in January to write a daily post about some piece of our lives that we think will be of interest to our descendants. Ironically, several of our descendants are currently reading these posts and know us as we are so the “mystique” might fall short for now. Just like any great artistic endeavor, often significant time may need to pass before the “masterpiece” can be fully appreciated.

Yet every day each of you trust the thre of us to put something interesting or revealing or poignant on this page. I’m certain each of us has let at least one of you down at some point over the past ten months. That’s the thing about trust–it sounds binary, but it isn’t .

Today, a colleague came to me with a problem. She had a single encounter with another colleague who kept some information from her. my colleague determined that she can’t trust her other colleague because of this single incident. If trust was binary or black and white none of us would trust anyone.  I’m confident that each of us has let each other down more times than we care to admit. Yet we continue to trust, love and support each other. I’m unendingly grateful for this kind of trust.

My colleague described a very dark, constrained scenario in her current work environment because of this single episode. I asked her to pretend the situation was a photograph and look at the negative of her current description. It gives us a different perspective when we do this and shows us that not much is black and white. There is a lot of gray or sepia (unsolicited Matthew Brady reference) in our lives.

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