August 29, 2017 – The Man Who Passes the Verdict Must Also Swing the Blade

So call me out of touch, but I saw my first full episode of Game of Thrones Sunday, which also happened to be the day after the latest season finale. Social media and traditional media have been blowing up lately about the finale and the controversy surrounding the content of the show and the novels that haven’t been written yet (see previous post).

Anyway, I am out of touch when it comes to most TV shows so this shouldn’t surprise anyone. I did enjoy the first episode of the first season and will now likely spend more time than I should over the next few months trying to catch up.

One line stuck out to me from this episode though. It was said by Ned Stark, Warden of the North as he was explaining to his youngest son the rationale for executing a deserter who happened to have some very reasonable justifications for his unlawful act. It’s old school accountability on both ends of the equation. I wonder though, how many people today would pass judgment with the same emotion and conviction if they had to follow through by enacting the punishment they thought the perpetrator deserved.

I hear a lot of tough talk from people, and not a little hypocrisy as well, when it comes to holding others accountable. But we all need to remember that passing judgment requires accountability as well. There are many sayings that capture this far more succinctly than I have in this post (glass houses, plank in your own eye, etc.) I guess I’m going to have to keep watching the show for awhile. ?

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