August 13, 2017 – Scars

I was reminded yesterday evening about the importance of scars.  Our pastor was gone and the gentleman filling in for him talked about it and I thought the points were worth sharing.  Scars hurt to acquire.  They represent pain and trauma that we went through at some point, and can generally be a reminder of something bad that happened.  That said, there is a beauty in scars if you think about it.

First, scars remind us of pain, but also of healing.  They represent the miracle of what was ripped and torn being made whole once again and that is truly something worth remembering.  They show that, while there were struggles and difficulties, you made it through and are stronger for it.

Second, they remind us of what not to do again.  Let’s face it, many scars are the result of us putting ourselves in situations or places that can do us harm.  Scars serve as a reminder to exercise wisdom based on our experiences and not repeat the mistakes of the past.  Like Ebenezers are monuments to remind us of past victories, scars are like personal Ebenezers of trials and victories of the past.

Finally, scars help us relate to each other.  As others go through difficulties and trials, our willingness and openness about our scars gained through similar trials draw us closers together and make us collectively stronger.  Likewise, the lessons from the scars of others help us weather the trials of today.

So, while they may not be pretty, scars are actually pretty special things to be appreciated in their own right.  Have a great week!

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  1. Bob Hale says:

    Worthy reminder! Scars, like experience, are things you wouldn’t take a million dollars for, but wouldn’t give a dime to do again. 🙂

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