July 30, 2017 Vacation

Sorry this post is late. I’ve already begged mercy from my coauthors. You see my family and I spent sixteen hours driving home from vacation last night and I simply forgot to post after getting home late and unpacking in the dark. But DO NOT take that as a plea from sympathy–simply understanding.

I’ll take yesterday’s task anytime as small payment for the joy of vacation. Especially this vacation. We were able to reconnect with family and friends we haven’t seen in over a decade. And it made me wonder why we haven’t seen them in so long. Our stops were short, no more than 48 hrs in any one place, but jam packed with great conversation, laughter to tears, delicious meals together and sights that took our breath away.

After each stop, we always said the same thing: “We shouldn’t take so long to get together again.” But the fact is we haven’t avoided these folks or forgotten how wonderful this area of the country is for relaxing. We simply have lives to live as do our friends and family. There is never enough time to spend the kind of time we desire with everyone. And, maybe, that is why the times we have together are so special.

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