July 29, 2017 – Fun With Words

As mentioned before, the three coauthors are all former Russian interpreters so we all love language. I stumbled across this list recently and thought it would be fun to share here. It’s a list of nine insults we should all bring back to our lexicon. Enjoy. I did.

Gobermouch – An old Irish term for someone who likes to meddle in someone else’s business.

Gnashnab – An 18th century English word that means someone who likes to complain all the time.

Snoutband – Someone who always interrupts a conversation in order to correct or contradict the speaker.

Stampcrab – Someone who is clumsy or heavy footed.

Scobblelotcher – An old English word meaning someone who avoids work like doing so is their job.

Whiffle-Whaffle – Someone who wastes a lot of time.

Zounderkite – A Victorian word meaning idiot.

Fopdoodle – Someone of little significance

Klazomaniac – Someone who always speaks VERY LOUDLY!

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