July 22, 2017 – Lost in Minutiae

“The Most common form of human stupidity is forgetting what we wanted to accomplish”, Friedrich Nietzsche. Looking back at the projects I’ve began and did not complete usually leads me to one or two primary causes. More than any other cause, it was because I became lost in the minutiae. Rather than tackle the big parts of the problem – or project, then worry about the side or ancillary tasks, I get lost in those side and ancillary tasks. The small tasks are quick victories that should encourage most people to finish the big ones. But sometimes don’t.

This post isn’t meant to remind you to put the big rocks in the jar first or any other time management lessons. This post also isn’t meant to teach a lesson about priorities. This post is simply a reminder that we are all human with flaws, no matter how much we want to deny that fact.  The hardest person to forgive when something goes wrong or when mistakes are made is usually ourselves. Be kind to yourself – forgive and move on – even when you sometimes get lost in the minutiae.  To add my own twist to Nietzsche’s quote – the second most common form of human stupidity is beating our selves up when we we do forget what we wanted to accomplish.


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