July 21, 2017 – Raising Good Humans

One of the most frequent conversation topics among the three authors of this blog is how proud we are of our children. When we talk about our amazing (they are, you know) children; we never discuss wealth or material accomplishments, we talk about what great human beings they are. What makes us most proud is the good and kind people they have become.

I often hear other parents talking about their children’s new job, or what they just purchased, or even where they went on vacation – but I rarely hear them talk about character.  I wonder if that is what has created the culture that my generation is complaining about?  The material selfie-centered group that drives many of us crazy. The nice thing is our children don’t seem to be infected with those flaws.

I know there are many measures parents use for judging their success in raising children, and there is no consensus as to what constitutes that success. Besides the obvious indicators, which include the absence of our children on any 10 most wanted lists or staring in an episode of Jackass – we do agree on one over-arching indicator – character. Our children are good humans and that’s all we ask for as parents. So to all of our children, you make us proud just being you.

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