July 18, 2017 – Meet Me in St Louis

Thay famous movie line rings in my ear every time I travel to this beloved city. I’ve never seen a city with more diversity in all respects. I’ve been here with people I love and plan to come back with other people I love. It’s the place that makes me feel most at home and I finally realized why.

Its not the baseball team despite what my coauthor and his father might say. That said, it is one of the best baseball towns anywhere. The fans know the game, know their team and know the history of both. They’re also (mostly) true baseball fans who know where the rivalry ends and humanity begins.

Its not the weather. Hot and humid today just the way I hate it. Summers are wicked hot and wet. Winters are icy cold, but all four seasons see their full extent here so it’s nice more than it’s not.

Its partially the food and beverages. This place is the most underrated foodie town I’ve visited. Here are the local delicacies; Italian on The Hill, BBQ everywhere, Albanian from first generation immigrants, and craft brewery to rival any other city.

The real reason is that St Louis is the major league version of my home town. It’s a blue collar town who’s heyday happened centuries ago. But the city refuses to quit and continues to reinvent itself, adapt small neighborhoods into cultural hot spots, and highlight history while transforming into an academic and technical center of innovation. If you haven’t been here before, please give it a chance. You won’t be disappointed. Unless the Cubs are in town and you are a Cards fan.

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