July 6, 2017 – Stops and Starts

Today marked the last day of vacation and our plane ride home. As with all vacations I can remember, the end and parting ways filled me with a little bit of melancholy, but also a renewed focus, which, truthfully, was wanting pretty hard over the past month or so.  

I posted once that I am so sad to part with family as we go our separate ways, but I am so happy to have a family that evokes those feelings at our parting. This trip underscored the truth of that sentiment. We started a day of goodbyes at brunch and hurriedly at the airport, leaving our youngest to start her post-graduation life, having secured a new apartment and celebrating her completion of her studies.  

After landing back in DC, we said goodbye to our oldest and their kids, again somewhat hurriedly due to traffic at the arrivals area. As they pulled away, I was reminded of the new challenges ahead for them as they manage a two-year old and newborn while trying to balance finances with home life.

We finally arrived home at which point our eldest daughter and our son-in-law began preparations for a trip leaving Saturday for a week.  While our goodbye won’t be until tomorrow, it already seems to have happened. Almost immediately upon their return they begin their new jobs and start looking for a new place in the Northern Virginia area. 

As with all endings and new beginnings there is a sadness at the knowledge that things are changing, and an excitement at the prospects ahead. For that reason I don’t mind the melancholy.  It is a natural process found throughout life.  We celebrate the birth of a newborn and sorrow at the passing of those we know.  We excitedly enter the amusement park and are a little sad when we head back to the car. We are giddy the first day of vacation and reluctantly pack for the trip home. 

But with each end, the new beginning comes and reinvigorates us.  So, although a little sad, I am excited to be back and ready to face the new challenges tomorrow will bring…but I WILL still look forward to the next vacation.  Have a great rest of the week!

(By the way, airport goodbyes are the worst.)

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  1. Bob Hale says:

    Got the T-shirt. But tomorrow will bring blessings, too.

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