July 30, 2017 Vacation

Sorry this post is late. I’ve already begged mercy from my coauthors. You see my family and I spent sixteen hours driving home from vacation last night and I simply forgot to post after getting home late and unpacking in the dark. But DO NOT take that as a plea …continue reading

July 28, 2017 – What’s in a Name?

I just finished Neil Gaiman’s book Norse Mythology and I can recommend it highly to anyone interested in the subject. Neil Gaiman does a wonderful job of retelling the history of the Norse gods and his book reminded me that we use words every day and forget (or don’t know) …continue reading

July 26, 2017 – Modern Cassandras

Last week at the U.S. governors’ conference, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX warned the audience, “AI is a fundamental (and) existential risk for human civilization.” He’s not the only very smart and tech savy CEO or scientist that’s saying this – Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft and non-other than …continue reading

July 23, 2017 – We’re All Human

This post builds on Friday’s post by my coauthor about Raising Good Humans. The phrase “we’re all human” is often used to refer to our fallibility, but that’s not where I’m going with this post. This quote from Albert Einstein captures my intent: “I speak to everyone in the same …continue reading

July 22, 2017 – Lost in Minutiae

“The Most common form of human stupidity is forgetting what we wanted to accomplish”, Friedrich Nietzsche. Looking back at the projects I’ve began and did not complete usually leads me to one or two primary causes. More than any other cause, it was because I became lost in the minutiae. …continue reading