June 20, 2017 – Continuation on a Theme

Yesterday a fellow Dad wrote about truth and movies.  Funny how that got me thinking about some of the crazy things that happen in movies – like how people always split up in scary movies when they should stay together. Another constant is how people make incredibly dumb decisions, even when warned by the thing/monster/demon, that they shouldn’t do whatever they are determined to do. These things would never happen in real life…or would they?

I’m reminded how many really smart people – people we have entrusted with our nation’s security – do the stupidest things.  Why would a man who led an intelligence agency claim he had no foreign contacts – all the while acting as a paid lobbyist for a foreign company? Why would a former national security adviser try to smuggle classified documents out of the national archives in his socks? Why would the most powerful man in the world (at the time) risk everything for a tryst with an intern – then lie about it? Why would a man in that same position deny saying something – even when he was recorded and filmed saying it literally hundreds of times?

When you think about the dumb things people do in movies (or books), they really do mirror reality. Stupid decisions by smart people seem to be the norm these days – and that is really frightening. Scarier still…some people really do believe Iowa is heaven. Be afraid!

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