June 10, 2017 – FailING Does Not Equal FailURE

There are many famously successful people who can attest to the veracity of the title:

Abraham Lincoln

Thomas Edison

Benjamin Franklin

Michael Jordan

Tiger Woods

Derek Jeter

Steve Jobs

Gen Stanley McChrystal

The three authors (okay, we’re not famous, but we’ve failed many times)

The list goes on and on.

I’ve been reminded of this reality multiple times this week. I think it’s important for a lot us to remember and reinforce with others that failing is not the end. In fact, failing is doing. Doing is necessary for succeeding. It’s the very rare exception that ANYONE does something perfectly the very first time. Athletes practices actions over 10,000 times just to build muscle memory in order to be able to be successful sometimes. Inventors design, build and test prototypes over and over until they get to something they think is acceptable. Artists paint and repaint brush strokes or pencil lines thousands of times in order to develop their eye for color, shading and perspective. Singers and musicians practice and rehearse relentlessly always trying to hone their craft and make it better.

Each time we do something we succeed. We succeed in making ourselves better for the next time we try that something. We learn something new with each attempt. We grow as a person with each attempt. We DO something every time we fail. Don’t stop doing things.

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