June 8, 2017 – Folk Wisdom for Graduates

I read an Asian proverb (attributed to the Chinese, Japanese and Indian cultures) that mentioned that every human wears three faces.  The first face is the one you show the world – not the true you, but the one you want others to see and changes depending upon the situation. The second face is the one you wear around your family and friends. That face also changes depending upon the situation and is usually different that the face you have for world. The third, and last face is the one you see in the mirror. That one can’t change because it’s the true you.

As you move into the world it should be your goal to merge those three faces into one. We have wrote about fake it until you make it – and this involve merging that confident face you wear in public into the one you see in the mirror. Take time to show the world the real you – so that the face in the mirror, at home, and in public look remarkably similar. The proverb goes further to say that none have achieved the mastery of all three because we too often deny the fact of the three faces to begin with.

Congratulations to this year’s college graduates – know you carry the love of not just one father – but three. No matter the challenge, no matter the difficulty, and no matter the distance – you will be loved by your biggest fan(s).

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