May 29, 2017 – Beer, BBQ and Parades

Collectively, the three of us have had some somber, serious and even dark posts lately. Hopefully, our family and other readers recognize that as honest admission that life isn’t always great, but with the love of family and friends you can work through anything.

With that said, and with my coauthors earlier post on Memorial Day sentiments, I’m going to lighten the mood a little without, hopefully, defiling the purpose of today.

The other day I heard a DJ say that Memorial Day means beer, BBQ and parades. (I won’t dignify the lack of perspective since I’m keeping this light). So let’s get another interactive session going. Respond to the following questions with your experiences. Once again, my coauthors are required to respond. All others are welcome as well.

First Beer: Schlitz from my dads glass while eating pizza at Shakey’s pizza parlor when I was seven or eight  I hated it

Current favorite beer: Four Hands Incarnation

Most memorable beer: Guiness. Planned a full vacation around it with one of my coauthors

First Real BBQ: Central Texas BBQ near Monterey. The owner served up our ribs with his bare hands breaking every Health Code regulation in existence but people lined up around the block because it was so good

Best BBQ: Pappys in St Louis

Best parade memory; Tie between the Rambler/Scrambler parade every Fourth of July along the Great Lake near which we lived AND when my classmates and I drove my Mustang in our homecoming parade (story to be told in person later).

Happy Memorial Day



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