May 17, 2017 – Crazy Talk

Here are some words that people I love have recommended against using as freely as I often do:







Now, I firmly stand by previous posts that I and my coauthors logged in the past about the value of language and precision in use of language. Every (yes, I used it here) word has a specific use based on its definition and the context provided by the words that precede, follow or surround it…even these six words. However, these words in particular are often used as hyperbole to make a point or cast broad aspersions. Count me among the guilty in making that error especially when I’m angry. It really amounts to crazy talk when these words aren’t used properly and ultimately results n a loss of credibility because of the tendency to inflate the statement I’m trying to make. So I’m sharing this simple advice from those who love me. Never, er, I mean don’t use those words unless the extreme they represent is true.

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