May 15, 2017 – Summer is Coming!

The tag line for the HBO TV series and books by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones is, “Winter is Coming”. It’s the motto of House Stark (or what’s left of House Stark), which was one of the Great Houses of Westeros. The meaning is a warning to be on guard for the harsh winter – and a warning to those who opposed the Starks. It’s now a warning that is threaded through the books – and the HBO series – that something ominous is about to descend upon Westeros.

Well – something ominous is about to descend upon those of us who haven’t managed to lose the layer of winter fat – summer.  I see the warning signs everywhere – shorts and swimwear on sale – friends taking or planning beach vacations – days growing warmer and longer.  I’m not ready for summer – I’d prefer a bit more spring, thank you very much.

Unfortunately, I know there is nothing I can do – there is no wall, no black watch, no magic, no ice dragons…nothing that will stop it.  Summer is coming with its long, hot, and humid days. Summer will drive me into clothing that I’m not ready to wear, and into settings I’m not ready to face. So be brave – those readers who are in the same position as I am – summer is coming, and nothing will stop it.

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