May 11, 2017 – A Life of Significance

Sometimes I struggle for inspiration when it’s my turn to post here. That was the case for most of this day. However, tonight we attended a Leadership and Honors program celebration for college graduates. 200 young ladies and men celebrated four years of hard work and dedication to service as part of this program. The night was filled with impressive examples of how optimism and humility make up the key ingredients to servant leadership. One thing that impressed me the most was the fact that more women than men served as leadership professors, ceremony speakers, award recipients and students in the program. As one of three proud fathers (and authors of this blog) of two daughters, I’m excited to see how all our girls lead going forward knowing they are part of a wave of women breaking barriers.

There were many inspirational saying and stories throughout the evening. I might use a few of them in the future but for this post I’m gonna my to focus on the credo of the university’s president. He spoke about living a life of significance. The great thing is that he doesn’t save that speech for graduation ceremonies. He says it every day and visually lives the credo. And who couldn’t buy into that philosophy? Would you want to live a life of insignificance? Obscurity? Irrelevance? So does that mean we have to do something spectacular or earth shattering to live a life of significance. It depends on your definition of spectacular or earth shattering. All I’ll say is that when I saw my beautiful, intelligent, selfless daughter walk the stage to be recognized for her accomplishments, I remembered that I’ve lived a life of significance.

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