May 5, 2017 – Peace and Quiet

This week, I spent my work week not working. My organization sent me to the rural Eastern Shore are of Maryland to attend leadership training. I never pass up an opportunity to learn more about leadership as I know I’ll never fully understand or apply leadership principles the way I should. This week was unique though. The facilitators started the class by saying that one of the main thrusts of the week was to spend our time in the peaceful, quiet setting reflecting on our leadership journeys, the people who have influenced us and the events in our lives that shaped us as leaders. They also said the week would be considered a success if we simply regenerated our energy by spending time in the peace and quiet.

It was difficult to do. Living in the DC area of the east coast drives residents to do more and more both professionally and personally. It’s vastly different than the Midwestern lifestyle I grew up knowing. The pace is simultaneously alluring and soul-crushing. There is so much to do…too much to do. There are always options so you can fill your time with something appealing. The options are endless, but rarely do I or anyone I know choose the peace and quiet option. I’m grateful to have had the chance to shut everything off, absorb as much solitude as I could, soak in the beauty of nature, and have genuine conversations when I felt like being social. The moral of the story: Find more time for peace and quiet.

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