April 6, 2017 – Oh The Places You’ll Go (Interactive Post #2)

Our brief sojourn up to mid-state New York last weekend got me thinking about all the places we’ve all gone in our lives and how to pass some of that on through our digital dust. So here goes the second interactive post which requires all our readers to participate as well. Last time we had three people join in (one if you don’t count my coauthors who are obliged to participate.) Let’s shoot for double digits this time.

Favorite Place You’ve Lived: Guam because for most of us, it was like living on the beach for two straight years. Even for those of us who couldn’t get on the sand every day, it was sort of like living in a resort complex with great people, great food and great scenery. There’s always something special about living on a military installation overseas that can’t quite be described in words and Guam had that characteristic in spades.

Favorite Place You’ve Visited: Gold Coast of Australia specifically snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. You just can’t beat a nice sail on a catamaran followed by a couple hours sharing the water with massive schools of parrot fish, giant clams and the brilliant colors of the reef. And of course, the Aussies have better hospitality than any other culture. We also purchased our largest souvenir in Australia and use it to this day.

Place You Want to Visit the Most, but Haven’t Been There Yet: Domestically, the answer is Alaska. I dream of seeing and maybe climbing Denali at some point.  Depends on how old I am when I finally get there. Internationally, it is Iran. I am mentally fascinated by the extensive history, culture and architecture of the Persians and all the iterations of their societies. Unfortunately, I highly doubt I will ever see that land.

Place You Don’t Want to Ever Return To: Nairobi, Kenya.  Kitschy restaurant that served all kinds of game; dirty marketplace with trashy souvenirs; and no real culture that I could ascertain. Maybe I went to the wrong places at the wrong time or with the wrong people, but regardless it left a negative impression.

Your turn. Let us all know about your world travels or the dreams you have about them

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5 Responses to April 6, 2017 – Oh The Places You’ll Go (Interactive Post #2)

  1. Sharon Hale says:

    Fine. I’ll comment.

    Lived – Montery, CA – also like being on vacation for a year and a half

    Visited – How can I choose? Ireland? Probably. But Prague…and Bavaria…and Scotland! And Nova Scotia was lovely, too. And Vermont in October. And Colorado in the fall. And coastal Oregon in the spring. And New Orleans in January.

    Want to Visit – All the places I just mentioned for a repeat visit. But for new it would have to be Provence. Oh, and western Canada. Actually I’d love to do a combined cruise/train trip to Alaska through Canada. And what I wouldn’t give to see the lands I’ve read about in the Apostle Paul’s journeys.

    Never want to Return – NYC (though I probably will return there because it seems to be a place one has to go to periodically). Hollywood – it was dirty and unappealing in most every way.

  2. Jon Creer says:

    Germany. We’re on our second tour. Staff work is no fun, but if you have to do it. Germany is a good place–better than the five sided bldg.

    We loved visiting Austria in the winter time. Great skiing and wonderful family time.

    Favorite deployment place as a bonus input was Guam. Barely beats out Diego Garcia.

    Still want to visit Australia.

    Paris. My French is terrible and I’ve been there one too many times.

  3. Rob Hale says:

    Also, a hard one to answer…Let’s see.

    Favorite Place to Live – Hands down, Monterey. Hardest I have been pushed academically, yet every day there seemed relaxing.

    Favorite Place Visited – there are a lot of contenders…Guam, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine, Prague, etc, but the winner has to be Ireland. Good people, good history and the craic. Can’t explain it, have to experience it. Stateside it is probably Kentucky, although Alaska was good too.

    Place I Want to Visit – Lots to choose from here too, between Israel, South Africa, Sweden, France, Spain, but the answer has to be New Zealand. It is the geek in me.

    Finally, although I have enjoyed most of my trips, there have been some bad ones. Overseas, never care to go to Stepnogorsk again. Caused me a 14-day extension in Kazakhstan and a lot of bad things about that trip as a whole. Stateside, would probably be Duluth. No issues with the city and I am glad I got to visit it, but not much to draw me back.

  4. Michaela Dunow says:

    Lived – Scotland, for sure. I loved everything about it.

    Visited – Ireland. It’s just so beautiful, both the land and the people v

    Want to visit – Norway. Or Iceland. Preferably both.

    Never going back – Amsterdam. It was a good time, but the overwhelming smell of the city (think: natural) wasn’t something I enjoyed. Definitely want to explore the rest of the Netherlands, though.

  5. admin says:

    Lived – Thailand, hands down the best place we ever lived. I loved every minute.

    Visited – South Africa, had a great time despite having gastrointestinal issues for most of the trip.

    Want to visit – Cuba. I really would like to see Havana one day – after I retire and when all Castro’s are dead and gone.

    Never going back – Moscow – I’ve seen all of Moscow I’ll ever need to see.

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