March 30, 2017 – On the Road Again

The next four days will be a joint effort between the three of us, because we are all travelling together to Cooperstown, NY, to visit the baseball Hall of Fame.  We started this guys getaway last year after many years of talking about it, when we did the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky.  This year, since between the three of us we have a Cubs, Cardinals and Twins fan, we decided we needed to see the Hall of Fame.  Growing up, baseball was THE sport.  It was on the radio, on television, and, as per a prior post, baseball cards.  I never thought I’d get a chance to see it, since it was so far away in New York, but here we are, on route 15 headed to our first st0p at Harrisburg, PA.  

That is not the purpose of this post, though.  The purpose of this post is to talk about the importance of taking times like these.  It is as important for the women to have weekend getaways as it is for us guys for a number of reasons.  First, let’s face it, visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame is not something my significant other would put on her bucket list, much like she has some that wouldn’t be on my bucket list. That’s how you determine what to do, but not why it’s important.  The main reason it is important to me is because there are things I can talk about with the guys, that I wouldn’t necessarily talk about with my wife.  My wife is my best friend and the person I can talk to about anything, but there are some things that she simply can’t fully understand as a woman, much like there is much I cannot understand about her as a man.  That is a good thing and it is what makes us so compatible and our marriage so strong, but she still rolls her eyes at some of my jokes, whereas my co-authors still find them funny, even if they are sophomoric.  

Last year’s trip to Kentucky was an eye-opener for all of us.  We all knew that we were stressed and overworked, but we didn’t realize the depths of it until we got together and had no responsibilities except for deciding where to go next and what to eat (e.g., if you are the Brown Hotel in Louisville, you order the Hot Brown, because it was invented there…).  The next few days of talking about work, ideas, goals, and, yes, sophomoric humor, were cathartic for us all.  We came away from it refreshed and both mentally and emotionally able to cope again with the challenges facing us, and we came back with a new-found respect and appreciation for each other as the men we have become, knowing the men we had been.  Basically, it is important to invest in all of our close relationships.  It is vital to invest and spend quality time with family and friends both. It is these relationships that will be with you as you celebrate the highs and endure the lows of life.  Most of all, it is this group that stands with you in your corner no matter the challenge, not because they think you need their help, rather because they want to be there for you regardless.

This trip is already shaping up to be as good as the previous.  Granted we only just made it to Pennsylvania, but the conversation, the flexible schedule and the palpable lack of tension and stress is reminiscent of that first night of the last trip.  We’ll be posting together the next four days, and hope our little bits of insight are beneficial to you as well.

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