March 16, 2017 – Cinderella Story

So I don’t count the First Four as part of the NCAA Tournament. It’s a new phenomenon that just doesn’t resonate with me because it is a gimmick used to get more teams in the tourney, sell more advertising time and raise the hopes a few thousand more fans. But maybe< I’m being overly curmudgeonly on this one.

I get tired of the trophy for everyone, Hallmark holiday, 715 different “Day of XX”approach to marketing that ensures everything and nothing is special. But the NCAA Basketball Tournament is the one event that embodies the concept that once you’re in, anyone can win. It’s a simple seven game season where a sixteen seed can get lucky and run the table…although a sixteen seed has yet to win a game. But this could be the year! (Warning: Cubs fan speaking….wait, I mean World Series Champion Cubs fan speaking!)

Going back to previous posts about unAmerican attitudes and philosophies, it is really unAmerican to not believe in the possibility of the Cinderella story. In fact, I think it’s so unAmerican, I would bet there were more Leicester City soccer fans (not football) than fans from Leicester during last year’s historic premier league run by the landmark underdog. Even if you aren’t rooting for a sixteen seed, you’re likely rooting for one of your six brackets submitted electronically for big bucks or the bragging rights. You just might be the Cinderella story after all.

Anyway, here’s to hoping Duke, Kentucky and UNC don’t make it past the first round…or at least don’t make it to the Final Four. And bye, bye Hokies…On Wisconsin!

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  1. Bob Hale says:

    🙂 and it’s madness once again.

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