February 28, 2017 – God’s Investment Property  – Part 2

So, to recap part 1, I have had two sermons, a devotional and a conversation with a colleague converge this week into some personal spiritual insight and, hopefully, growth, and I figured I would share it here with you all. Hopefully, you will get something out it too.

My colleague is a great guy who was caught in a bad financial transaction when he had to move and realized his house, which he purchased at the market high point, was having trouble selling.  It had sat on the market for about 9 months and he had no offers.  He reduced the price, made a couple of improvements and was pleased to announce that he finally got an offer and the closing date was set for the following month.  As he was going through the story, he mentioned that the buyer was a real estate investor and he had put a sizeable earnest money deposit down, which made him breathe easier about the sale. That comment about the reliability of the buyer and the earnest money suddenly made me remember the verse from 2 Corinthians 1 I mentioned in Part 1…”set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come”.

We are God’s investment property…and we can trust His promises for our lives both here and into eternity, because He is both a reliable “buyer”, but, even more, He gave us a significant deposit as a guarantee. While that is interesting, of greater interest to me is digging deeper into what that deposit means.

First, earnest money is the owner’s once it has been given.  The owner gets to keep it and use it.  He doesn’t have to wait, because it is a completed action. Likewise, the Spirit,in His totality, is invested immediately in the believers heart.  Like earnest money, how the believer views and values the investment drives the utility of it in his/her life.  It can be used to improve or it can be put in a mattress and ignored. What we do with the investment is on us.  We have it in all of its fullness from the very beginning, without delay or restriction.

Second, the giving of the earnest money is a guarantee the transaction or agreement will be kept.  What it means in this context is that the agreement/promise of eternity and all of the promises made about our lives here and forever will be kept. I know that is not a new thought, but it is worth noting that God used a covenant or contractual concept to foot stomp this principle. 

Third, and probably most importantly, the agreement means the buyer is the new owner and can make changes as needed to the property, to improve it as He sees fit.  If the foundation is cracked, he can fix it.  If the roof leaks, it is His issue to resolve.  If the floorplan is awkward, he can rearrange it.  He gets the property “as is”, and has all of the responsibility and authority to make it how He wants, not how the previous owner thinks is best. Despite our efforts to fix up the property in advance, ultimately, our choice of new paint is His to paint over if He wants.

This is a pretty comforting realization for me, because far too often I find myself worrying about how I am going to “repaint, and forgetting that it is the new owner who supplies the paint, the brushes, and the effort necessary to do it.  All of the efforts to fix it ourself are not ours to expend, rather, it is our responsibility to recognize and cede that authority, and support the idea that His changes are to meet His purposes and they are focused on improving His property.  It is not that He acts, overruling our will, rather, with our willing participation in the contract. 

So that is the thought that has been rattling around my heart and mind.  With my consent, I can participate in a contract with the Almighty, where I receive a direct investment of His presence and power in all of its fullness immediately and continuing throughout eternity AND He gets the authority and, more importantly,  the responsibility of improving the damaged, overvalued and, in some places ugly, property to turn it into the home He wants, that I get to inhabit.

Hopefully,  you got something out of this.  Even if not, it has been meaningful for me to discover and share it.  Have a great day and come back again  tomorrow. 

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