January 8, 2017 – Rules

So, my posts, at least have been fairly serious or somber so it’s time for something a little lighthearted.

While coaching softball for ten years, I established four basic rules for my players. I wrote about one of them in an earlier post. They are:

1) Be safe
2) Respect everyone
3) Do your best all the time
4) Have fun!

Not rocket science; easy to remember (especially Rule #4); not so easy to always follow. Being a rule-breaker at heart, it might seem ironic that I established these rules. However, I chose these specifically because they’re not the kind of rules I would break. Here are some rules (written and unwritten)we all can break:

– Clean you plate before you can have dessert (dessert should be first once in awhile)
– Act your age (this one is just plain stupid)
– Breakfast is a morning meal (not if you go to Cracker Barrel after noon)
– You have to have a plan (living in the moment is so much more rewarding and the only aspect of time you have any control over.)

That’s it today. Rules are there for a reason–sometimes your reason is to break them.

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